New GA account: How can New Users be Higher Than Users?

10 hours ago

Hey all, I just finished setting up a Google Analytics for a client but for some reason I am seeing the New Users higher than Users. I did some sleuthing, but couldn't find much, any ideas as to why?

BI Manager Interview this Week – what to expect for non-technical questions?

I have a BI Manager interview with a moderately well known media brand this week, and wondering what to expect…

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Save report and disable refresh

I am trying to build a tool on PBI that does numerous operations on data and it's used by refreshing…

11 hours ago

2 ways to reduce your Power BI dataset size and speed up refresh

Adam shows you two things to reduce your Power BI dataset size. These are both things he commonly sees with…

20 hours ago

Seeking analyst related job but need advice

Hi guys, I am a recent graduate as of May and am seeking some career advice. My degree was in…

22 hours ago

Problem with API DropBox – How do I do a secure connection to PowerBI?

Hello Everyone! I'm using PowerBi with DropBox API via AccessToken. I was asked about the security of It. Because If…

23 hours ago

Dashboard Pins Updating

I am running into an issue where when the underlying dashboard is republished my pins are not updating. At first,…

23 hours ago

Como pasar de Business Intelligence a Data Science

Curso GRATIS de Machine Learning con R: Reseñas de mi libro en Amazon: Sígue a Data Science 4 ...…

24 hours ago

Change to Summarized Data Export behavior with Build permission | Microsoft Power BI Blog

As we rolled out the preview of Shared Datasets and the new Build permission, we received feedback that our limitations on export of…

1 day ago

Need advice on job title while I look for jobs.

I am currently looking for jobs on these job boards: linkedin, indeed, dice, glassdoor (if you can advice me on…

1 day ago