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How to create a perfect office space?

How to create a perfect office space? View Reddit by BusinessDigit - View Source

2 days ago

Learn Email Marketing

Learn Email Marketing View Reddit by BackLinkers_ - View Source

1 week ago

Looking for investor for my Europe project

Hello, I am from middle europe and I am looking for investor/partner for my project. You can be from USA…

2 weeks ago

Hello !

Hello ! View Reddit by CraigICS - View Source

3 weeks ago

Best to read

Best to read View Reddit by Thelastpages - View Source

4 weeks ago

Need advice, digital insights manager

Hi, I've got a job interview tomorrow for a job that I have some experience in but really need to…

1 month ago

I feel like I need to know a lot of things before I start working on a technical tool/software etc to avoid mistakes. Is this an unproductive attitude?

It's probably down to not wanting to look like a fool, but also to ensure I deliver a project reasonably…

1 month ago

Anyone have experience with Athena?

Hey Folks, As simple as the title. Does anyone or has anyone here used Athena for querying data in AWS…

2 months ago

Looking to start a side BI business

Hello, I'm looking into starting a side business that is BI, Data, Analytics related. I'm not sure where to start.…

2 months ago

How Do I Model This?

I have a multidimensional model with a fact object that trends account status over time (daily snapshot). I have been…

2 months ago