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Power BI case sensitivity, Power Query stored procedure and more… (October 14, 2019)

Thanks for watching this week's Power BI news roundup! Last weeks roundup: 2 Minute Tuesday: ... Sharing is caring and…

8 hours ago

DAX for Power BI: 12 Month Rolling Average

In this DAX tutorial, we learn how to write the DAX query to calculate 4 week, 6 month, and 12…

20 hours ago

Filters in Power BI

This video talks about Filters in Power BI Power BI Filters Visual Filters in power bi Page level filters in…

1 day ago

Sitting down with the Power BI Queen

Patrick has a conversation with the Power BI Queen - DeNisha Malone. This explores community, presenting, and how to get…

2 days ago

Inside Power Query reference queries for Power BI and Excel

Chris Webb joins Patrick to look at what happens when you use reference queries for Power Query. This applies to…

4 days ago

PowerBI.Tips – Tutorial – Filled Donut Chart

This is a tutorial for making a Filled Donut Chart. To create this visual we use 5 different Power BI…

5 days ago

Measure vs Calculated Column in Power BI The Mysterious Question Not

Read my article in RADACAD website here: Sharing is caring and awesome! please share our post online!

6 days ago

Create Cumulative Totals, No Date, No Index – Advanced DAX Techniques in Power BI

This is another great example of how advanced you can get with DAX formulas in Power BI. I showcase here…

2 weeks ago

Debugging a slow Power BI report with Phil Seamark

Phil sits down with us to walk through his process in debugging a slow Power BI report. This uses some…

2 weeks ago

Power BI dataflows: Where does it fit in? (Matthew Roche schools Patrick)

Matthew Roche (@SQLAllFather) helps Patrick to understand where Power BI dataflows fits in. Does it replace enterprise data warehousing? We…

2 weeks ago