Workplace has taken over the Power BI domain

I signed up for a PBI account over a year ago using my work address and had a 60 day trial for Pro. The trial expired and I was going to start paying for Pro so I could play around with it some more, but was redirected to a Microsoft webpage detailing how to change this in the Admin portal. I had a suspicion that perhaps my work had taken over the domain and didn’t look into it any further, but today I noticed in my settings under “Close Account” that it said my account is managed by my company’s IT department.

We are not using it officially here and other tools have been used historically. I’m not even sure they want to open this door since they have a lot invested in everything else and introducing PBI is another application to maintain. However, I do believe they are in the process of upgrading to Office 365 enterprise.

Does anyone know if the norm is once an organization puts their foot in the door, they take over their domain (i.e [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]))? I can still use the service on a personal level using my work address as a typical free PBI subscription, but I can’t delete my account, voluntarily change my password, or upgrade the service.

Part of me has my hopes up we’ll have this soon! The other part knows better….

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October 14, 2019

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  1. Once you sign in a tenant is spun up with your domain. Get a website for personal use and spin up a Power BI for personal use.

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